From my childhood on I desired to bring joy and harmony to the world by adding value to the beautiful things around me: this is exactly what fashion is to me. Fashion has allowed me, through my passion for art and beauty, to make this dream come true.

It has not always been an easy journey, nevertheless it has given me great satisfaction. Seeking to transcend the traditional notion of fashion, “Moda è modo”, which translates “Fashion is a way of being” is all about being and expressing yourself. It is about finding your place in a world that we often feel as harsh and alienating. “Moda è modo” is about ethics and compassion is the core.

Over the years the stores have become two in number. After opening the first store in Brennero in 1976, I opened the second one in 1995 in Vipiteno.

Please come visit us and indulge yourself in our little world of unique luxurious fabrics, harmonious colours, fine jewellery and handmade accessories.

Carla Sieff